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“Leader and pioneer in state-of-the-art cable TV and
broadband services providing quality news and information
to the people of southern Philippines”


To strengthen our current market leadership in our service area as the premier cable TV operator and broadband service provider; To continuously improve all our business processes to achieve a level of excellence that is vastly superior to all others in the industry; To constantly promote initiative, creativity, innovation and teamwork to achieve the highest level of satisfaction to our customers; To employ the latest state-of-the-art technology in its business operation; To have a sizable cash-on-hand level and return on investment (ROI) ratio from its business operation; To maintain a dynamic, humanistic and competitive compensation environment that will attract, retain and motivate excellent personnel.


Parasat Cable TV, Inc. started as an electronics retail store and repair shop established in 1976 by Engr. Elpidio M. Paras. It was known then as Paras Industrial Systems. It also offered customized music cassette tape recording and video (betamax) rental. As an electronic shop, Paras Electro installed sound system of various disco houses in Mindanao. To name a few, Salamin Disco and Alta Tierra in Cagayan de Oro, Hotel Rio in Iloilo and Xenon disco in Davao. In Cagayan de Oro, he introduced the concept of putting a TV/VCR in restaurants, showing the latest sports and boxing championships, way before cable TV became a common fixture in every home.

In 1985, Engr. Paras started manufacturing satellite dishes until finally in 1986 his satellite receiving system was able to capture the EDSA Revolution, which was being beamed for the first time worldwide by CNN. This provided Cagayanons the first glimpse of the media revolution wherein live events can now be beamed across the globe in real time.

He then started building bigger dishes to capture the very weak signals beamed by the early Intelsat series. In just a matter of three years, rich businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the Philippines began ordering satellite dishes from Engr. Paras.

In 1989 thru and Executive Order 205 signed by the Pres. Cory Aquino, the cable
industry was deregulated. It was this year when the cable operators fledged. Cable operators all over the country started to order satellite dishes from Engr. Paras. Among the first cable operators to order was Sen, Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. the senator’s cable operation covered the provinces of Olongapo, Bicol and Batangas.

In 1991, with an initial investment of P200,000 Engr. Paras established Parasat Cable TV, Inc. it was (and still is) the forerunner of cable TV in Mindanao. Parasat Cable started its operation at the backyard of the residence of Engr. Paras with less than 10 employees, mostly fresh graduates and on-the-job trainees from technical schools. It began by installing cable lines in the subdivision where they were located, offering only 12 channels. It has since expanded its coverage in Cagayan de Oro City and nearby municipalities. Parasat also acquire cable companies nearby areas.

To date, Parasat Cable TV has coverage in the following areas: entire Cagayan de Oro City, municipalities of Opol and Tagoloan. It has established branches in Malaybalay and San Carlos (Negros Occidental) Cities. It has also formed partnerships with other cable operators in Ginoog City and the municipalities of Balingasag, Don Carlos and Valencia. It is continuously expanding its coverage to the east and west sides of Misamis Oriental.

Parasat Cable carries most of the major programs available for cable viewing. Among the programs currently being carried are CNN, ESPN, STA, HBO, CINEMAX, ANC, VIVA, PINOY BLOCKBUSTER and a number of national and international programs.

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